Our Story

[PRONOUNCED AYSON AHN-DUR] A creative project exploring lesser-known narratives through the mediums of design, film and fashion. Seeking to explore the nuances of societal intersections as a way of creating dialogue and nurture understanding. Built with consideration, purpose and empathy.

In ancient East Asian culture, those with the title of ‘AISON’ bared great significance within the country’s social structure, being a term conferred to those directly within the noble line that, for some reason or another, had been reduced to commonality. As such, it became an enigmatic title that brought with it two distinct, yet equally rich life experiences - one of nobility, prestige and sophistication and the other of humility, workmanship and ambition.

‘ANDÉR’ instead is a personal homage to part of the founder’s name that remained unsaid. Now put at the forefront to be celebrated and embraced - signifying the true appreciation of one’s identity, heritage and character.